Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Date!

Can I get a 2010 do-over???? I just want to go back to January 1 and start over.

OK with that said enough of the pity party, I have it easy, I have my health, a place to live, food and a little money to hang on a little longer, and MOST of the time a really good attitude.

Back to the date, those of you who have been following I had a date on Sunday night to see the movie Robin Hood. This is the guy that picked me up on 1st Ave on my birthday. Definitely NOT a birthday present! This guy is not particularly good looking, likes to talk a lot, mostly about himself. Wanted to know if I told my "girlfriends" about him picking me up on 1st Ave, and how unique it was and that "I bet you never got picked up walking down the street." Does that include the people I actually talked back with or all the random men in the past 6 years since I moved back to the city that have hit on me??? Oh I would say about 15-20. I only thought that, I did not say that, even though many of you out there are reading this wondering if I put the filters on that day. (Those readers that do not know me, I have limited filtering ability, what is on my mind is usually out my mouth but I have been working on that). I did not want to completely stomp on his masculinity. The man pretty much spoke none stop about himself and his business and contradicted many of the things he said to me during the "pick up". All of that said, he was just another insecure person trying to connect with someone in a city of 8 million. Or so I thought, than as I got out of the cab, and he was still sitting in the cab getting change of his $100 bill, who pays a cab driver with $100 bill?? He looked me up and down 2x. Apparently he didn't think I noticed. So much for a guy trying to make a connection he was trying to make a booty call.

At that point I thought how tacky of this lawyer/equity firm owner who is 15 years my senior to give me the twice over. I was discusted at that point, kept my bubbly personality in tact and thanked him for the movie and that I had fun, at which point gave him a peck on the cheek and went into my building. I guess he got that there was not connection as I sent him a thank you email on Tuesday saying I had fun with no mention of wanting to get together again.

Bravo to him for picking up a woman on the streets of Manhattan as I am sure I am not the only one but it does show some initiative. However not being a gentlemen gets him no points at all. Just another creepy old guy.

End of the story...Robin Hood was a kick ass movie and I would see it again it was so good. Damn that Russel Crowe still has it.

40 Single in the City

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