Monday, May 3, 2010

Is it wrong to want a martini at 3.30 in the afternoon???

Let me rephrase that, as one of my very dear mentor’s would say that “wrong” is a judgment word. So is it socially acceptable for a single 40+ year old woman to be thinking of a martini at 3.30 in the afternnon??

One would have to say yes if said female is unemployed and technically has been for almost 2 years! There I have said it. Put it out there to the cyberworld that I have been unemployed for 2 years on May 15th. Not something I am proud of but also not something I am completely ashamed of. It was unexpected and if I had the crystal ball at the time of making this leap of faith I would not have jumped. Unemployment does have it’s perks. Granted not many, but some.

1. You can have a vodka martini at 3.30 in the afternoon on a Monday or any other day for that matter. There is the risk of addiction if one is not careful with this perk.

2. Waking up late, no one to report to accept my 3 cats which do keep me on a schedule as one in particular starts meowing at 7am. He apparently is the cat that will keep me in check. OR he will be mittens one of these days.

3. Going to the gym when no one else is there. In NYC we all know what a treat that is.

4. If I don’t want to do something I don’t have to do it.

5. Not sitting in meetings from 8.30 am – 6.30pm and then going to your desk to do your work. Can't say I miss that, Well actually I can, I do miss some of the meetings certainly no reason to have them all day long. That just speaks to poor communication flow.

6. Stress levels are actually manageable, see perk 1 for how that is accomplished.

7. Being able to enjoy 2 years of gorgeous days wandering Central Park or riding my bicycle all over Manhattan. (I recommend staying to the south of the island, the north has way to many “hills” and I use that term loosely as they are small mountains to me)

8. Doing more free things about town as you have the time to find them on line and no source of income to do otherwise.

9. Being able to read the newspaper. That is a good one but you have to stay away from the articles on the economy. Otherwise one might fancy themselves jumping out their living room window. Not sure if 6 floors up would really do lethal damage. With my luck would end up in the hospital and can’t afford that without the job. Vicious cycle this employment thing.

Mom/Dad it looks like junior may have to come home.
Hmm can anyone out there tell me if 6 floors can be lethal if you are landing on cement?? You always need an out clause….

40 Single in the City