Monday, October 12, 2009

Dumped via Text

Well, here is my first blog posting! Many of my friends have told me that with my dry sense of humor and my general perspective on life I have a gift that should be shared with others.

My take on this whole thing is my life is my life and perhaps you will all see a bit of yourselves in it. Lets face it we have all seen way too many episodes of Sex in the City, life don't got like that here in the Big Apple. Here you will find a day in the life of a 40+ single woman living in NYC. Loving my surroundings, people.....what can i say!!

Today, October 12th , I pick up my phone thinking how nice would it be to have a date this weekend. With that said, low and behold, not one but 3 text messages from the 59 year old guy I have had a few dates with. What is a 59 year old man texting me about?? Telling me that the skiing season is here and that he will not have time for dating. Mind you I am walking down east 69th st in a sweater and thinking what a gorgeous Autumn day there is not a flake of snow in sight....

WOW who knew that 59 year old men dont even have the hmmm how shall i say this, BALLS, to be a gentleman and pick up the phone and say this just isnt working for me. Thank GOD I have a great attitude and started laughing ....THIS IS WHAT I AM DEALING WITH. 59 and cannot pick up the phone and call to dump me.

Yikes thank God I am not 20.
40 and Single in the City